Heart Healthy Dimensions to Your SMSU Dining!


February is heart month! One way you can do your body a huge favor is by making dining choices at the SMSU that make a difference in the way you treat your heart and your taste buds. Here are a few Hearty Health Conscious options we have here in the SMSU:

The ‘Healthier’ Chooser12670137_918061034968295_5105820476004185976_n
WOW Cafe: American Grill and Wingery in the SMSU cafe is known for its zestful wings, tasty  fries and rich flavors but sometimes, your calorie count might not be as accepting of WOW’s wholesome food. Moreover, a salad just won’t do it for your busy day. Luckily, you still can make heart-healthy choices and still enjoy WOW.

Did you know that WOW also includes tasty healthier alternatives? These include: the Westcoast Veggie Wrap, Garden Fresh Quesadilla and Grilled Chicken Tenders. You can also add Mango salsa or Hummus to bring a new flavor dimension to your meal!

The Flexible Dieter

Want to try something a bit more experimental with your meal and eating habits? The Blue Coyote Pub upstairs in the SMSU serves street tacos that come in mouthwatering protein choices of: Carne Asada, Chicken or Carnitas as well.

These tasty choices are packed in calories to help you make your gains for the day. But! You don’t have to feel guilty about this meal because you can add some zesty salsa, jalapeños and lemon to your tacos to help you both enjoy your food and keep you full for a longer period of time.

Drink these tacos with tall glasses of cold water. By adding a spicy topping, you will crave more glasses of water and make you feel full longer. Sidenote: These tacos are easy on your wallet on Taco Tuesday!

The Adventurous Eater12670254_918061018301630_4257931197696975022_n
Having a long day ahead of you and want to try something a bit more adventurous? We all love options and the Asian-Inspired Stir Fresh Grill located in the SMSU Cafe offers colorful, healthy and wholesome grilled dishes. These may include a serving of veggies: bell peppers, sprouts, onions, and broccoli. Add your protein: chicken breast, shrimp, sliced beef or baked tofu.

Watch your meal grilled before your eyes and have the chefs add a sauce of: Teriyaki, Korean and even Curry! Finally, the defining moment of your sizzling meal- to add a generous helping of brown/white rice, rice noodles or Kale and Cabbage Salad. Try not to take too long daydreaming of your delicious order’s possibilities because you can always come back on a good day and try that one option you didn’t get.

Remember to always have fun with healthy choices. Stay disciplined and be inspired to make new choices and health-conscious decisions every day!