Extinguishing the Burnout

We’ve all probably experienced a burnout from overworking ourselves. With midterms week, finals, graduation, and summer looming around the corner a burnout could be inevitable. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for you to manage what’s on your plate and avoid the notorious burnout.


Prioritize Your Plate

Like your parents always said, “No dessert until you finish your dinner.” Now, we know it’s definitely way more fun when you eat the dessert first but we all know what happens after. We lose our appetite and we end up only taking a few bites off of the entreé before quitting.

The concept is pretty much the same here. It may be more appealing to do the easy and fun tasks first. However, by the time you finish those and it’s time to buckle down with more tedious tasks, you’ll more often than not burnout before completing them. The problem here is that the tedious tasks are usually the most important on your to-do list.


Schedule Your Day

Sometimes you may have so much stuff on your plate that you aren’t quite sure where you want to start. That’s okay! The first step is to sit down and schedule tasks that need to be done on a calendar, agenda, or even a simple checklist. When you have your tasks written down they appear more manageable.

Take your time and slowly work down the list, crossing off each task as they get completed. You can even make this into a game and reward yourself with a piece of candy or a quick two minute study break. As the list starts to shrink, you’ll start to feel more relieved and accomplished. As mentioned in the previous point, remember to prioritize this list from most important to least.


Take a Breather

There’s no use in forcing yourself to finish everything in one sitting. Not only will it be tedious but this is also an one way express ticket to burning out. Take it slow, after all, the quality of your work is more important than how fast you complete it. When you get overwhelmed or just tired, step away from your workspace and take some time to relax. Go for a quick walk or even take a shower. This will help you clear your mind and may even give you some new insight on your assignments.


Form Study Groups

Working alone can be boring and frustrating, try and invite a few friends over to study with you. With study buddies, not only do you have company but you also have peers to proofread and provide inputs to help you on your assignment. Just make sure to keep the procrastination down to a minimum.



The most important advice of them all, remember to laugh. Before you know it, college will be over in a blink of an eye. Learn to enjoy everything that you have in front of you. Learning to have fun while you work sounds counterproductive, however it’ll help relieve your stress levels along the way. It will also make your work a little more tolerable.


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