The Other Side of the Wall

For the past few years, we’ve all come to view this campus as our home. We spent most of our time here, ate here, made friends here, and in some rare-post-all-nighter-session slept here. We all claim small segments on campus as our safe-haven. We all, over time, have developed an anchor in our hearts for this campus. So what exactly would we, as students, miss most when it’s our time to leave?


Your Second Family


During our time here we’ve made some really amazing friends. From your SOAR group to the various student clubs and orgs on campus. Over time, you’ve grown attached to these people. After all, who wouldn’t miss a friend who would steal you from studying at 2am in the morning to get McDonalds cones? You’ve grown to consider these people your brothers and sisters. With the real world around the corner, it might seem scary not having your support system with you to stress-eat ice cream and watch Netflix all night with. The good news is it’s not a permanent good bye. Keep in touch and who knows, maybe one day they’ll be a part of your wedding party.


Your Sanctuary


In college, life tends to get overwhelming… a lot. It’s normal to escape to your own secret spot every now and then and just clear your mind or just nap without being disturbed. Whether it be an independent study carrel in the library, a corner in our SMSU, or a step on a staircase in Jack Brown Hall, these places have been there to provide us with comfort and peace when we needed. It’s time to bid farewell to our sanctuaries and pass their legacy onto the next student in need of some peace and quiet.


Your Professors


We’ve had many professors during our time here. What sticks out to us most is that one professor who went above and beyond what was expected of them. These professors wanted to make sure that you not only pass but also were ready for what was waiting out in the big bad world. Take the time to thank these professors for playing such an interactive role in your education.


The Food Court


Our food court might not be comprised of 5-star dining options; however, it has been there for those moments when you needed a quick bite before class or a small snack for your study sessions. Let’s face it, we’ve all more than our fair share of Wow Café.


Last but not least…




In college, one thing that you had an immense amount of was time. We used this time to hang out with friends, study, eat, or just clear our minds. Once we leave it’ll be difficult to get this time for ourselves. In your final moments here, cherish everything you have.


To the Class of 2016


You did it! Your years of hard work have finally paid off. Soon you will be walking across that stage with all your closest friends and family cheering you on from the sidelines. This may be a bittersweet moment for some of you, but don’t worry. Once a Coyote always a Coyote! So to the Class of 2016, on behalf of all of us here at the Santos Manuel Student Union, Congratulations!