The Yote Guide: The Essentials


The Yote Guide: The Essentials

All good things come to an end. Our summer is no different. Don’t come back to school unprepared. Follow our Yote Guide blog series for a painless back to school season. The most important step in any guide is materials. This week we will cover the bare essentials to help your transition into back-to-school mode for the opening of Fall quarter.The Essentials
A majority of CSUSB students are commuters which means long hours on campus. To have a great first day back at school make sure your backpack is fully stocked with your essentials. Here are some of the things our student assistants recommend.

  • Note-taking supplies (Some professors will lecture the first day.)
  • Print out your Syllabi or have it downloaded on your phone. (This ensures you’re prepared in the case that the professor runs out.)
  • Add slips (Didn’t get the class you needed on MyCoyote?  Some professors will let you add the class during the first week with this slip)
  • External battery/phone cord (Your phones will die… trust me… it will. The SMSU has plenty of outlets as well as charging stations for you to use. A battery pack will also allow you to charge your phone while you walk to your classes or when you can’t find an outlet.)
  • Laptops and/or tablets (Laptops and tablet are great multi-taskers.  Not only are they great for you to type your class notes and read your assignments, these devices can also provide entertainment during your downtime in between classes.)
  • Money/Food/Snacks (You’ll need to stay nourished to pay attention in class. If you didn’t have time to pack a lunch or snack, there are plenty of dining options available in the SMSU Food Court as well as the Commons. )
  • Parking Permit (If you are a commuter and plan on parking on campus, parking permits are required at all times. Daily permits value at $6 and Quarterly permits value at $102. Paying for parking ensures that you will not get a ticket that will be more costly in the long run.)
  • Change of clothes (As Southern Californians, we’re no stranger to the unpredictability of the weather. Keep a spare change of clothes in your car to prepare for the weather or for other unforeseen emergencies.)
  • Hair ties, caps, and beanies (The winds are coming. CSUSB is prone to heavy winds on occasion. A cap, hat, or beanie will ensure your hair stays in place.)

Although you may not need every item listed above, they are nice to have on hand or even in your car. Feel free to customize this list to best tailor your needs. If you find yourself on campus without one of these items have no fear! Most of these items can be purchased at the CSUSB Bookstore or the SMSU Coyote Market. Let us know on social media what your back to school essentials are using the hashtag #TheYoteGuide.

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