Going back to school is something we all look forward to: whether you want to see friends again, attend SMSU Events, or just can’t wait to finish those last few classes before graduation, you want your year to run smoothly. To aid you for the new school year, we here at the SMSU have compiled a list of digital resources to help you survive the school year.

 Google Tour Builder:

Wanna get crafty with presentations and grab your audience’s attention from different levels? You can use this web app in your class presentations while establishing a sense of location while not looking at a map the whole time. You can even show off what you did this summer using exact coordinates and multimedia platforms; add pictures or videos and bring your presentations to life! So forget a simple powerpoint and take your class on a visual adventure!


School can go from 0-100 quick and you’ll often find yourself so busy that you become overwhelmed. It’s good to have this app when you’re moving from one class to another, finishing up your chores or just trying to make some time for your daily tasks and personal activities. If you need reminders for everything that gets thrown your way, this app provides an easier way to handle your busy schedule.


Forget manually inputing your sources for your bibliographies because this site does the work for you! Whether you have a paper that needs to be written in: MLA, APA or Chicago or ned to cite videos, journals or photographs you’ll find 50+ ways to cite your sources! Sometimes this site will search the entire source’s information without you even having to add anything (unless you need to add the pages you’ve read.) Those days of manually inputting all that info at the end of your papers will be easier with this site.

Google Drive/Docs:

One thing we all seem to have the hardest time doing is keeping work organized during the school year- sometimes we just need to work on a document on the go or keep storage of some of written documents or photos/videos. Using this app is a convenient way to make sure you don’t become swamped with all the work that you receive in the beginning of the year. One of the most popular highlights is the google docs feature which allows you to share access with others to edit documents and projects. Ideal for group projects or student organizations to communicate and synthesize ideas, you’ll also find this app to be very collaborative in nature.


At first it sounds overwhelming to design a website, but the features of this website-building tool gives you the creative freedom you need to make it from scratch. It can be used as a blogging or vlogging platform and is uniquely you. From adding dynamic texts and media to offering a variety of imaginative templates ranging from minimalist to whimsical and everything in between, there’s always a design you can work with and add your own individual taste.

          Take advantage of what these free web apps have to offer for you this school year! Give the work that you do your signature touch and most importantly make sure you enjoy yourself this school year!